Workplace Survey

In 2016, our workplace survey was implemented to measure the key drivers of engagement between Newfield and our employees. Our goal was to capture the true pulse of our employees and gather usable and constructive information to improve the quality of the workplace.

We invited our people to tell us what they thought of their job and the Company—focusing on a number of critical success factors including:

  • Organizational alignment with goals
  • Management skills
  • Belief in the organization and its core values
  • Desire to improve performance
  • Sense of feeling valued and involved
  • Participation in decision-making
  • Opportunity for development
  • Health and wellness

The survey, which was made available to all domestic employees, achieved a high response rate of 83 percent. Several significant improvements from 2015 were noted in the areas of increased efficiencies, streamlined processes and cross-functional collaboration.


What Our Employees Are Saying

“I love my job mostly because of the people.  We have great, hard-working people at Newfield all working towards the same goal. I also love it because of the company’s heritage and the strong values and principles the founders established.”


“I learn something new every day. I love coming to work where I am appreciated for all my hard work. Everyone is so nice. I feel like my contributions are well appreciated.”


“We seem to be making positive strides in a negative market. Our leadership seems to know what it takes to weather the storm.”

“Newfield has always encouraged employees to be innovative and try new ways to be more efficient and productive. I have always enjoyed the challenges in my job and have felt proud to be part of Newfield.”


“Values and ethics are consistently communicated and demonstrated by senior management.”


“I feel free to express my ideas and opinions, and I know they are taken seriously into consideration. My idea or opinion may not come to fruition, but I know that I’m part of developing our team to be the best it can be.”


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